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You can get Japanese VISA

In Japan,working foreigners is growing.

This answer is very easy.

Because ”Japanese worker” is decreasing.

As you know,Japanese birthrate is not good,so population is decreasing.

That means younger people are very little.

So worker is very little ,too.

In the future,it will be further serious.

So,Japanese government decided that Japan accept more foreign workers.

Japanese society need to prepare accepting foreigners

But,it is not yet.

Japanese should know more foreigners.

And,Japanese should more try to understand foreigners.

To spread these ideas and making good society for foreigners are my mission.

Japan has many kinds of VISA

Working,Dependent,Marriages,Internship,and so on…

You have to choose the best VISA for the best activity in Japan.

To get the best VISA,you should choose experienced lawer.

It is here.whenever you can consult me.